Visit the Philippines

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Flights from Manila to Cebu City for the Next Few Days

May 31, 2023DirectTickets from 2 162
May 30, 2023DirectTickets from 2 659
May 31, 20231 StopTickets from 4 223
May 30, 20231 StopTickets from 4 622
May 27, 2023DirectTickets from 4 636
May 28, 2023DirectTickets from 5 175
May 26, 2023DirectTickets from 5 490
May 27, 20231 StopTickets from 8 827
May 26, 20231 StopTickets from 9 505
May 28, 20231 StopTickets from 9 787
May 27, 20232 StopsTickets from 10 837
May 28, 20232 StopsTickets from 10 908
May 31, 20232 StopsTickets from 11 347
May 26, 20233 StopsTickets from 13 756
May 30, 20232 StopsTickets from 14 175
May 26, 20232 StopsTickets from 14 215